Web 2.0 - just the beginning

Why Participate in Web 2.0 ActivityCreated by team: Team C
Members: Mary, Sheila C., Kathy L., Maria

Reasons for participating in Web 2.0:
  • Web 2.0 tools can be used as information sources
  • Web 2.0 tools can be used collaboratively with teachers and students
  • Web 2.0 tools can be used with students by providing an authentic reason for writing and a means of publishing works

Possible wiki lessons for use with students:
  • Create an online class newspaper
  • Collaborative storytelling across classrooms and/or grade levels
  • Create a class wikipedia
  • Correct teacher samples of writing (daily edit)
  • Character analysis pages for Literature Circles

Mary, I loved all of your possible lessons, especially the classroom newspaper. I have only done activity l. Tomorrow is activity ll and after reading what you had to say I am really looking forward to it.----

I'm planning on having my students jot down their thoughts as journal entries, and then share what they thought was most significant within each chapter.

I just saw the video and it makes a lot more sense. A wiki is a web page that we can edit. I think kids will love being able to be in charge of it. As a teacher you can keep track of what was done and by whom.

Hi, I'm from a different group (the cheerleaders) but just thought I'd like to see what you guys were writing about. I'm curious about the ideas listed above for possible wiki lessons. Can you explain a little more about how something like the online class newspaper or collaborative storytelling would look like using a wiki? I also thought it was interesting that your list was written an as a bulleted list, but then came out as a paragraph .

Reason for participating in Web 2.0 is for student collaboration in classroom activities. his They may feel more at ease "communicating" and being "experts" -applying what they have read. There can be more peer input/interaction- using these tools.

When it comes to creating an online classroom newspaper, you will need to abandon the older print formats and use whatever layouts are available through your particular wiki. Each student can contribute an "article" for the paper. As for collaborative storytelling, have one student or group enter the introduction paragraph for the story. Have a second student or group begin with the first paragraph of the body, the next student or group expand the body, and the last student or group write the conclusion paragraph. This method kind of reminds me of the songs we used to sing in Girl Scouts about finding things to fix a hole in a bucket!