Web 2.0 -- just the beginning

At conclusion of course participants will be able to:
  1. Understand how the Web has become a community in which anyone can participate
  2. Understand how a team can collaborate and produce knowledge asynchronously without ever meeting face-to-face
  3. Register and participate in a Wiki
  4. Find blogs of their own interest
  5. Utilize Real Simple Syndication (RSS) reader to aggregate the blogs of their interest
  6. Register with a blogging service and post entries and manage comments
  7. Create a list of other web 2.0 services to investigate (let's start to color outside the lines) and share your thoughts with your team.
  8. Gain an understanding of how all this can be used for personal and/or professional development

Participants will require:
  1. Access to their own computer (preferably a laptop) with internet access
  2. A personal email account to communicate with team, instructor, and for registration with wiki and blog services.

Class activities and time line
Orientation face to face (1 hour) - class meets as a group at designated location
  1. Equipment check to be sure all have appropriate access to class resources as required
  2. Discuss the activities of days 2-13 to be accomplished on line.
  3. Form teams of 3-4 people for the online activities
  4. Get participants registered in the course wiki.
  5. Demos as required
DAYS 2-13 - on-line activities
Participate in a wiki (estimated time on line asynchronously 1-2 hours)
  • Create a Wiki page
  • work as a team to add content/knowledge to wiki page
  • understand the wiki change history
Finding, reading and subscribing to existing blogs (estimated time on line asynchronously 1-2 hours)
  • Students to seek and find 2-3 existing blogs of their interest to gain an understanding of the vast number of topics available.
  • pick and utilize an RSS feed reader to aggregate the 2-3 blogs for access
  • share their experiences with fellow students
Create and post entries to a blog (estimated time on line asynchronously 1-2 hours)
  • Pick a blogging service and register
  • Post entries
  • Each student will advertise their blog to the group
  • Students will comment on other students blog entries.
Student investigation of other Web 2.0 services (1-2 hours)
DAY 14
Wrap up face to face (1 hour)
  • Discussion of your investigation in the last activity
  • What is the personal value for participation in collaboration and social networking services?
  • What is the value in education of these type of collaboration and social networking services?
  • What did you learn in the workshop and how can we make this better?