Web 2.0 Activity II

I'm trying out the Google Reader and I find that I enjoy getting the Twitter Public Timeline a lot quicker than having to go to Twitter to access it myself! And you can see the latest updates quickly. This, I like. Not too long ago, Twitter removed the public timeline from easy access, but with this Google Reader, it's so much simpler to see it! I like this! I'll definitely use this tool instead of going to my favorites, finding them, and clicking on them. I've added CNN, MSNBC, Huffingtonpost, Blackamericaweb and WLS-TV 7 Chicago to my RSS feed. Oh yes, I guess I should include the ISBE website and ALA website too! Love to hear the comments from others on this.

Google Reader is the RSS reader that is an excellent choice. Two folders for items of interest were created. The creation of a third folder was not possibe. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?
Reading comprehension and strategies are very important to students is every aspect of their lives. The creation of a reading blog will be fun and interesting. What a lot of fun it will be to explore all of the exsisting Blogs!

Google Reader provides easy access to the adventure of searching for blogs. The ease of finding topics of interest is amazing. Creating folders was a problem that will need clarification. In looking at the Cheerleaders page, Edublogger is the next place to investigate.

Google reader is great way filter the content list in which the students in class use. Teachers can create a list of acceptable websites and subscribe to them through google reader. This way students aren't using inappropriate web sites. I really like this!

Activity IV

Take a look at these great Web tools:

>Pixton allows you to create your own comics! This site has endless posibilities in eduction, ranging from adding comics to to a newsletter or newspaper to using a graphic novel approach to reporting on a historical event. Kids would love this uniq

>Prezi is an amazing presentation tool. It involves the addition of 3-dimensional component that takes a regular presentation and add the WOW factor. Although it might be a bit complicated for my K-5 students, I’d like to see our upper grade students do some exploring with it. Beyond education, this is a tool that gives polish and pizzazz to any ad campaign. It could be used for fund raising foundations, or any organization that wants to attract viewers.

>Animoto is a fast way to put your selected photos and music together in video format. You make your selections of sound and pictures and the site analyzes your selections and puts them together. I think that this would be such a useful tool for school students. Imagine the field trip report that could be generated! This is a great way to share your experiences with family, friends and business associates. Fun!