Team members:
  1. Me
  2. My Self
  3. And I
This is just an example of a page in which a team of people can add content. In general, when there is more than one person adding and editing content at the same time, results may be unpredictable. Make use of your synchronous communication tools (i.e. chat, Skype, or cell phones) to coordinate editing.

Be aware of the tabs above -- page (this one), discussion, history, notify me.
  • discussion - this tab is meant for the team to perform asynchronous discussions about this page's content. A common mistake is to "discuss" directly on the page itself. It is best to discuss disagreements and suggestions in the discussion area.
  • history - this is a log of all changes made to the page
  • notify me - one can set an email notification to oneself to detect changes made to this page. This sounds helpful and may be necessary, but be aware that you may get a bunch of emails.
//A word (warning) about browsers: You may find the the advertised functionality of wikispaces may not be working with the browser you are using. Check out the WhichBrowser page.