Web 2.0 - just the beginning
Integrating Web 2.0

I am hoping to start a conversation about how to use some of these ideas into our curriculum with students, both in a computer classroom as well as integrated into basic curriculm (LA, Science, Soc St, Math, etc). We also will be getting white boards. Has anyone used any the these apps with a white board?
I do not know who asked this question, but I would like to respond. Obviously whatever curricular area comes into play, you might think of using the white board for demonstration purposes. There are so many ways to display 'wiki' features, that utilizing the board for whole class demonstrations is a possibility. Or you could assign a different skill to individual students, or groups of students, and then allow them to present to the others in the class. For example, how might one insert a 'widget' into a wiki page? Mary W.