Web 2.0 - just the beginning
Instructor's experience with Blogger - aka Blogspot

Students, please feel free to add your experiences (good or bad) with Google's Blogger
  • Blogger has a nice text editor to create and manage posts. Inserting picture(s) is ok, but it is difficult to move the pictures once text is produced, so be sure to insert the pictures before writing the content. Knowing a little html is helpful.
  • The blog can be setup to post text from your cell phone via SMS (140 character limit of course)
  • The blog can be setup to post pictures from your camera/cell phone.
  • Blogger is good if you would like add content (widgets) in the margin on you blog roll. Widgets can be videos, picture slideshows, and other Web 2.0 content to enhance your blog. For the most part, the widget you pick has the necessary instructions for insertion -- some more technical than others.
  • Easy to add Google Analytics for tracking purposes
  • tagging is simple
  • comments can be open, moderated, or disallowed.
  • It could not have been easier to create the blog, however, I would have liked more explanation on how to set the features. It is nice that all the settings can be customized at a later date.