Web 2.0 -- Just the Beginning
(The class Jun 15-29, 2009 concluded on Jun 29 with successful reviews.)
This course is designed for folks that may have heard about the topic of Web 2.0, may have sat in seminars to gain limited knowledge of the topic, but really have not had the chance to participate. Participants may be over qualified for this course if they are currently maintaining a blog or wiki with some service -- i.e. Blogger, Wordpress, Wikispaces or their district's private service . The exercises and assignments are designed to give students not only the experience of registering, creating content, and managing comments, and other features of a wiki/blogging services, but also immerse themselves in the collaboration methods these Web 2.0 tools can provide.
The final activity is designed to be an exploration activity -- to look beyond blogs and wikis to other services like Twitter and Ning -- and see how all these services can be connected/linked together.
Course Protocols - some ground rules for communicating
The Web 2.0 - Just the Beginning Blog (facilitator's blog related to the content of this course)